Best Hybrid Bicycle Shop – Hybrid Bike Store Kolkata

The Latest Hybrid Bike Store of South Kolkata Stands Out

Veloton as a store is surely one of the best ‘hybrid shops near me’ option for many people. From amateurs to professional cyclists, Veloton as a store is the ultimate destination.

Options for All

It is not just hybrid bikes;Veloton keeps MTB or mountain bikes, Roadbikes and Electric Bikes. The list runs long and so are the various international brands that a hybrid bike store of South Kolkata like Veloton houses. This sprawling hybrid bike showroom South Kolkata is 2200 sq.ft. in size. Surely one of the largest hybrid bike shops South Kolkata has ever seen.

Knowledgeable Staffs

Apart from an adequate range of cycles and accessories, the in-store technicians at Veloton are truly remarkable with their knowledge. One will find this as a ‘hybrid bike store near me’ that offers complete strip-down services.  Take for instance the bike checkups that come in three categories of Standard, Advanced and Premium for an exchange of fee.

Easy Payment Option

Equated monthly Installments allow most buyers to get their dream bike from Veloton as one of the unique hybrid shops of Kolkata.  Thus from beginner cycliststo thorough professionals, Veloton as a hybrid bike store of South Kolkata offers quite a wide range of the world’s best bike brands.