Best Java Bicycle Shop – MTB Bike, Road Bike, Hybrid Bike Showroom Kolkata

A Premium Store for Java Cycles in South Kolkata

Veloton is a cycle store offering international brands and the most unique of services to customers. This is a store that caters to cyclists from amateurs to professionals. Looking for an international brand like Java cycle in South Kolkata is therefore now possible.

All-round services

Bicycles are machineries that do require timely repairs and maintenance for optimal performance. If one is seeking internet help with words like, ‘Java cycle store near you’, for bike service then Veloton has to be the most convenient find. Normally services at Velotoncome in packages of standard, premium and advanced. In exchange of a small fee, all such services are available for bike owners.

Easy payment

Veloton allows equated monthly payment schemes. Owning a Java cycle or other brands of any cycle variety is thus easy. The pocket pinch is low for buyers at this South Kolkata store.

Wide Availability of Brands

Apart from being a Java cycle store of South Kolkata, the brands at Veloton range from;

  • Polygon
  • Raleigh
  • Schnell
  • Veloce
  • Unirox
  • Ninety One and others.

Java Cycle Variety

Veloton as a 360 degree premium store selling java cycle and accessories has on offer varieties like;

  • MTB or mountain bikes
  • Roadbikes
  • Electric bikes and
  • Hybrid bikes.

All in all, Veloton is a must visit Java cycle store of South Kolkata.