#1 Raleigh Cycles Store Kolkata | Raleigh Variety of Bicycles available

Buy the Latest Raleigh Cycle in South Kolkata

Veloton as a store is a heaven for all cyclists. International brands and accessories are all available in the best of prices. Finding products of a brand like Raleigh cycle and accessories in Kolkata is now possible for this store.

Raleigh cycle Big Store

This is a sprawling 2200 sq.ft. of space offering a premium 360 degree experience which has every bike variety and brands. The maintenance services extend on through an in-store team of technicians.

Raleigh cycle Brands

For someone seeking a ‘Raleigh cycle store near you’, this store is the perfect find. Apart from being a Raleigh cycle store of South Kolkata, Veloton has brands on offer from

  • Fuji
  • Polygon
  • Ninety One
  • Java
  • Schnell
  • Veloce and
  • Unirox

Raleigh cycle Variety

Raleigh cycle and accessorieswhich are normally found at Veloton are;

  • Mountain bikes or MTB
  • Hybrid bikes.

Apart from it, other brands and varieties like

  • Roadbike and
  • Electric bikes are also available.

Veloton, therefore has quite a range on offer.

Easy Payment

As a store selling Raleigh cycle in Kolkata, Veloton offers equated monthly payments. Buying an expensive international brand of cycle or a piece of accessory is therefore not heavy on the pocket.

Cyclists from beginners to professionals can all find their dream bicycle ride at Veloton.